I am a game designer / coder from Vienna with a vivid imagination that I keep locked away in my silent brain or else it’d run away with me.

I work with the Unity engine and like to code the more technical parts of games. Designing and building the skeleton until it has muscles and can do whatever it should be able to do is the most fun in my opinion. I simply love to think about what movesets a character should have in a given setting and figuring out how to implement that. Especially when there are complex things happening like completely changing how everything works when “shoving a box” for example.

If I’m not coding around I’m probably creating logos or custom buttons. Thinking about how the HUD of a given game should look like or hatching another new idea. Be it a videogame, boardgame or just the next thing in my D&D world.

The backlog just keeps increasing.

Contact me anytime!

E-Mail to: westreicher[at]humanbite[dot]org
Phone: +43 699 121 664 95