It’s a local 2 player first person shooter where the only way to inflict damage is through gravity manipulation.

The players start in a little capsule across each other and control little robots that fly around in a  space arena and try to hit each other with energy balls.

In the arena there also float a lot of cubes around that do different things on collision with one of the players.

The players can charge a projectile of implosion force and one of explosion force. If one of these projectiles hit either a player or one of the cubes everything in range will get either pulled towards or pushed away from it. If the force of impact is strong enough damage will be dealt.

Sadly due to unforseeable circumstances no build of the final version exists anymore. Only a build of the second to last day was found. Because of that the exe is still called like its working title. Gravity.

Our team consisted of Stanislav Gavrysh, Martin Hofmair, Anna Singer and me.

We also had an extern helper who made the background music for us, Lorenz Hammel.

This was an assignment by Ulrich Neumayer.

PowerPoint-PräsentationFinal concept of the players

PowerPoint-Präsentation… and what it looked like in the game with a fully charged shot.

PowerPoint-Präsentation3D concepts of the cube.

PowerPoint-PräsentationFinished cube in different states. We looked out for an easily readable shape.

PowerPoint-PräsentationMore states of the cubes.

Menu_FloatA pretty 3D view of them.

PowerPoint-PräsentationThe controls of the game.

Menu_StartOptionsAn over the top menu that sets all the parameters for the next round that is played.


Float_ChargingHow the game looks when played. On the lower picture the player has taken some damage and is charging his exploding energy bullet. There is also a tiny enemy player in their starting pod in the lower right corner.

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